My Thoughts….

After hearing about the tragic death of Michael Brown I have had so many mixed feelings. On one hand I am angry that another one of our black men have been killed and I know there is probably nothing that is going to be done about it. But on the other hand I feel that this will be another tragic incident that occurs in the African American community, that will shortly be overlooked when then next “hot” topic comes around. It’s so hard to be apart of a movement and want to be apart of change when we can’t stick together. When I hear about the stories of the looting and seeing pictures of women leaving hair supply stores with packs of hair, it frustrates me because instead of focusing on what was most important people are taking this an an opportunity to benefit themselves. In order for there to be a change, we need to get upset at not only white on black violence but black on black violence. How can we ask for change when we can’t even protect ourselves, when there are black men killing other black men just because they wear different colors or because they have a pair of sneakers that they want. In order for there to be a change we have to stick together, we have to have the same passion when a white man kills a black man as when a black man kills a black man. It’s sad to see our men dying at the hands of anyone no matter the race. So it disappoints me when I see such an up rise for more of the (for a lack of a better word) “publicized” tragic events and nothing about the men that are being killed everyday in each of our own communities. I really think we have a long way to go before any changes can be made, changes need to be made in our own communities before we are taken seriously. I still pray for justice for everyone of our brothers that have been wrongfully murdered by the hands of someone else