Tips and advice on moving

Hey Beauties! In my previous post I told you I was away because I was in the process of moving, but now that things have settled down quite a bit more I wanted to share some of the tips that I had after this experience.

  1. Organize beforehand- No one likes clutter, so why bring the junk and things you’ve been holding onto to your new house. It also makes is easier to unpack once you get to you new place. While you are at it go ahead and donate things you aren’t using to someone who can really use them.
  2. Call ahead for pricing – Whether you are using your local movers or doing what I did (having a couple of friends and my boyfriend rent a truck and move the stuff ourselves) you want to make sure you call ahead and budget properly so that aren’t hit with any surprises when it’s actually time for you to move.
  3. Clean – If you are able to get your keys early to your new apartment or home try to go in and do some cleaning before you actually move in. I just moved into an apartment and I know I can be a little OCD and I like things clean, but I unfortunately wasn’t able to get in any earlier and do any cleaning.
  4. Don’t wait – I know that moving is a tiring process but please don’t wait too long to unpack. I know when I moved everybody was hot and tired already. We waited a day and the following day I started to unpack because once again I’m a little OCD and I couldn’t stand seeing all of the boxes and bins everywhere. But if you aren’t OCD like me and don’t mind a lttle mess than you have to do what’s best for you.
  5. RELAX – This is the most important piece of advice that I could give. When I moved I was so excited because this was my first apartment but I was so stressed because we didn’t start on time. We had to move picking the moving truck up to the next day. Needless to say it was a very stressful weekend for me, but when I finally got time to relax on Monday(ha!) I could sit back and laugh and realize that everything works out. So if this is your first move or if you’ve done this before remember to breath and relax. Things are going to go wrong but it will be okay!

If you have any tips or suggestions for moving, please let me know! I’m sure it will be really helpful to me in the future and to others who are moving currently.



Hey beauties! 

I know it’s been so long since I’ve updated anything and I feel so bad, but I have been so busy with this move and getting settled. We finally are somewhat settled into our new place, we have majority of our furniture but are still wanting a few bits and pieces. This move has been crazy; it’s been happy times, sad and stressful all and one. It’s been great coming into my own home and having my own space and rules. But of course on the down side there comes the adult responsibilities like bills lol. Tips to anyone moving out for the first time; please make sure you budget and save beforehand. I think I’ll make a separate post about the things that I learned, but I wanted to just update you beauties on what’s going on. More to come! 



Hey Beauties!

So I have some great news to share with all of you, I know I’ve been talking so much about moving out and getting an apartment with my boyfriend but it is finally happening. We just got approved for an apartment and will be handed the keys on 8/14/15. I am so excited, this is my first apartment but I’m just excited because we will finally be closing the gap on this 4 year long distance relationship. It’s all so surreal to me, I was just stressing about this a couple weeks back and finally it is working out. I know we will have some challenges ahead but I’m ready to take them on together. If any of you are living on your own or with your significant other, what tips and tricks can you share with me? Leave them below.