Back to the grind….

This weekend I took a mini vaca to Raleigh with my honey, although it was short it was really nice just spending some alone time together. We stayed in, had room service and watched a movie. Then for Saturday night we went out to try something new, we tried this place called Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar (have any of you been there?) and let me tell you…it was SO good! It could have been that I had eaten 8 almost 9 hours earlier and was starving, but the vibe of the place was nice, the drinks was good, and the food even better. It was a little expensive but it was a nice little treat. The thing I hate most about these trips is of course the goodbye’s. My boyfriend and I have been in this long distance relationship for 4 years and he is my best friend. He’s the person I can laugh with and cry with, I feel the most comfortable when I’m with him because he just lets me be me and never judges me. Anyways it was hard to leave today, but I know we will do this mini getaway again.

P.S if you have a Bad Daddy’s close to your home please go try it!


Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I have been so busy with this new job  and really haven’t had time to blog as much as I wanted to. But I’m finally getting organized and have some good reads coming. I’ve bought some new make up and have plenty of reviews for you. I also have been thinking about some relationship topics that I can write about and hopefully get some feedback on. I want to try my challenges with you guys, because I see that a lot of people follow but we don’t really get to talk and get to know one another and I would like that to change. But enough with the rambling I just wanted to update you guys and let you know there’s more to come !