Selfie Challenge?

Hey beauties! So I’m always seeing these challenges going around on Facebook and Tumblr so why not here? I challenge you guys to submit your best 3 selfies and challenge three more people to do the same. If you’re interested like this post or just let me know! 💁

Here’s mine!


Now it’s your turn….

Rather late than never


Hey beauties! I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and got to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones. My Valentine’s Day was great, my honey came and surprised me….it was the sweetest thing ever ❤️. What did you guys do?


Hey beauties! Its February and you all know what that means, Valentine’s Day! I don’t know if you guys have any special plans but I am definitely excited, my boyfriend will be coming to visit because our anniversary is actually on the 20th so we wanted to spend that time together. Also another exciting thing that has happened, I’ve started a new job this month, finally making good money, finally have good benefits and finally in a company where I see the potential to grow! (so important). I finally feel like I am in a good spot to where I can take care of a lot of things financially and finally be able to move out like I want, we hit a little road block, but are getting back on track! What are some of your plans for Valentine’s Day?