I want to redo my style this year….just not sure where to start. I dress pretty well for a bigger girl but I want to step it up and get out of my comfort zone and try stuff I haven’t before. Any ideas?

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  1. TrinaBina says:

    I don’t have any style ideas, but I just saw this picture of you and wanted to say that I love your curly hair…its beautiful. ♥ misstrinabina.wordpress.com

  2. D'aller Naturel says:

    That’s a lovely pic–your hair is on point! My style idea: find a way to incorporate bright colors or pops of color. Full-figured women tend to prefer muted colors because (as the old saying goes, “black is slimming.” But working in pops of color can help accentuate your curves in the right place 🙂

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