What is fear to you? For me I have many fears, I have fears that I won’t make it, fears that I won’t be successful, I have a fear of being alone and plenty more. It definitely can run your life, it has hurt my relationship on more than one occasion. It has caused me to question myself, even doubt myself making me feel like I’m not good enough. It’s made me afraid to love and be loved out of fear that I would just be left one day for the next best thing. I have become a person I never was before a person I don’t recognize, a person I don’t like. It has made me sit back and watch other people achieve while I stood on the sidelines cheering, saying that could have been me. Well I’m tired of fear running my life, I let him love me because I know that it’s real love and not just something he says when he wants some. (And I’m sorry that I’m afraid, I’ve caused you many headaches and made you even doubt yourself. But I’m in love with you and that’s how I want it to stay through the good and the really bad, there’s no doubting that). I no longer sit back and watch other people accomplish the same things I know I could do. So this is for my people that let fear run their lives, if I can stop it from stopping me then so can you.

I need some support!

Okay so here’s the deal, I’m always the one making plans and never really sticking to them. This time is different because it has a really strong hold on my heart, I have 196 days to get my stuff together so that I can finally move in with my long distance love of 3 years. It’s been a long time coming and things just got real, he’s finished school now so he’ll be moving back home which is even farther away from me. Yes it puts another roadblock in our plans but we ain’t giving up. Thinking about being away from each other only motivates us to grind harder and do what we need to so that we won’t be spending nights apart anymore. December 18th is the date that was picked (it was random) to be the date that we will be sharing our first apartment together. I need y’all support and even some advice. What was the best ways you found to save money? Any budget ideas? Do you think we can pull this off? I think we can! Lol